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Information Regarding How We Use Cookie?

The Stalwart Bridge Limited website employs cookies to differentiate you from other websites users. Doing this enables us to offer you a positive browsing experience and gives us the opportunity to enhance our website.Cookies are essentially text files that contain small quantities of information/data. These files get downloaded onto your device whenever you visit a website. Upon returning to the same websites or visiting another one that recognizes this particular cookie, these files are sent back to the original websites. Cookies serve a valuable purpose by enabling website to identify a user’s device.
Cookies perform different functions, such as enabling efficient navigation between web pages, storing your preferences, and enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, they play a role in ensuring that the online advertisements you encounter get more closely aligned with your individual interests.

How can You Control Cookies?

Our cookie notification provides you with the option to consent to non-essential cookies. If you wish to learn how to deactivate all cookies, you can access that information here:

Disabling cookies could potentially lead to certain features on our websites and some of our online services not operating correctly or as originally intended. Cookies usually have an automatic expiration period of 2 years, but you have the option to manually delete your cookies or disable them on your computer at any time.

To prevent tracking by Google Analytics on all websites, you can go to: and opt out.

What is a third party cookie?

Third-party cookies are sets by a different domain other than the one the user is currently on. This commonly happens when a website includes content from external sources like images, social media plugins, or advertisements. When the browser or other software retrieves these elements from these external sources, they have the ability to establish their own cookies.
We may identify third-party cookie and provide a link to their privacy policy for your reference (where possible) in the cookie table displayed below.
You have the option to configure your preferences in our cookie preference center. Additionally, you are free to block, delete, or disable these technologies, but please be aware that doing so may restrict your ability to access our website, platform, and mobile app.

Cookies used on this Website

We adopt the classification system laid by The UK International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

It relies on four categories:

  • Essential Cookies
  • Performance Cookies
  • Functionality Cookies
  • Advertising Cookies

strictly necessary cookies

Essential cookies are vital for fundamental website operations, enabling functions like navigation and access to secure areas. They are crucial for ensuring services such as shopping carts or electronic billing operate smoothly and securely, enhancing the overall user experience.

Performance Cookies

These cookies gather data about how visitors interact with a website, such as which pages are visited most frequently and whether visitors encounter any error messages on web pages. Importantly, these cookies do not collect information that can identify individual visitors. Instead, they aggregate this information, ensuring it remains anonymous. The sole purpose of collecting this data is to enhance the overall functionality and performance of the website.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies enable the website to remember your preferences and choices, such as your username, language preference, or current location. They enhance your user experience by offering personalized features. For example, a website can use these cookies to provide you with local weather updates or traffic information by storing your current location in a cookie. Additionally, they can remember any modifications you’ve made to text size, fonts, or other aspects of web pages that you can customize. These cookies may also facilitate services you’ve specifically requested, like watching a video or commenting on a blog post. Importantly, the data collected by these cookies may be made anonymous, and they do not track your browsing behaviour on other websites.

Advertising Cookies

Targeting or advertising cookies serve the purpose of delivering advertisements that align with your interests and preferences. They also control the frequency of ad displays and assist in evaluating the success of advertising campaigns. Typically, these cookies are placed on a website with the consent of the website operator by advertising networks. They retain the information that you’ve visited a particular website and may share this data with other entities, including advertisers. Often, these cookies are associated with website features provided by these external organisations.

The table provided below indicates the category to which each cookie belongs.




More Information




Strictly Necessary




Targeting or Advertising


Strictly Necessary




Targeting or Advertising


Strictly Necessary
















Strictly necessary

Changes to this Policy

Any changes or updates to our cookies policy in the future will be published on this page and may also be communicated to you through email or while using our website or systems. We recommend checking this page regularly to stay informed about any changes or updates to our cookies policy. If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding this cookie policy, please reach out to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at


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