Retaining People an Important Commitment


The recent economic developments have challenged employee retention in the private sector industries in India. Companies in India are struggling to find and keep the right people at work. This low employee turnover causes unforeseen expenses and sometimes even crash the entire business venture. Employee retention is becoming crucial for businesses, but the question is how to do this and to keep employees them motivated.
With present economic developments in India, the country has shown promising opportunities to businesses. While offering rich advantages to the organisations, the country is equally famous for challenges that are faced by the organisations.  Due to the challenging environment employee retention is becoming an important variable for organisations in India and the reason, it is mostly kept on the priority list. Organisations now days are more focused on building the right employment retention strategies.
Indeed, talented people are always high in demand. If the organisations are unable to keep talent smiling, they may quit by themself or another organisation may come along to hire them away. Although, organisations are using different tactics to retain employees and these tactics do vary according to variation in circumstances. Importantly, the organisations need to maintain a working environment that encourages employees that give employees personal and professional growth. It is good to be a positive role model and directly connecting with employees, organisations will be more likely to understand what they need to continue to help businesses flourish. It would be good if organisations estimate things from the employee's perspective and it is true as well, that this cannot be allowed for each instead it would be better to consider it universally. It will be good to recognise them for what they are doing, giving them fair treatment what they expect from their employer.
Organisations need to review their employee retention policies from time to time, this will help organisations to be updated with the market scenario, and they can make changes accordingly leading to success. Practising such small things can help organisations to maintain a positive work environment all the time and automatically be motivating employees to perform.

  • It is important to have the right working culture that makes employees feel bonded to their role in the organisation.
  • Hiring a good employee is not difficult, need is to understand who is intended to grow with your organisation.
  • It is always good to educate your employees professionally, making such investment on them make them satisfied.
  • Make your employee aware of his/her role and its importance to the organisation, provide the full guidance to them.
  • Make payments according to market scenario because employees always expect the same, and it's good not be biased. Let them perform and get noticed, it is always important to manage employees equally.
  • Creating a flexible work culture does help. Allows employees to bring up their talent while being practical for the organisation.
  • It is good to engage your employees and put them through the communications that make them feel confident and be open to constructive feedback.

Improving employee retention is not the difficulty, instead of how we attempt to do this is important. Taking things positively, connecting with your employees will help. Understanding what engages your employees can help to formulate a specified practical retention strategy. The focus should be not alone on giving employees a reason to join but also enough reasons to stay with the organisation.

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