we help you to maximize your potential of international activities and driver to global success

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what we do

stalwart bridge is a specialist experienced, dynamic and energetic team that takes a refreshing approach to growth

for institutions

we help universities, colleges, schools, academic awarding bodies and education companies maximize the potential of their international activity - increasingly the most critical driver of global success

for students

our ideology is to bring you the best academic opportunities that are right and affordable. our efforts are to part you with the most appropriate information on academics and destination choice

human resource solutions

by combining a pinch of creativity with proven business techniques from business expertise we offer an integrated suite for human resource management services to small businesses

for institutions

we are taking away all frantic work to make it worth for you and provides you with customized platforms that simplify the process of foreign national students recruitment and academic networking.
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our experience, expertise and local insights help you to identify, design and implement successful internationalisation strategies and creating options to explore the markets.

market dynamics

we work to uncovers applicant decision making, competitor landscapes and market accessibility. ultimately, we take care of your market entry needs ensuring you get results and have peace of mind.

expansion mode

we develop communications programs for you to increase yield in the application process and to enhance relationships international partners. ensuring the information is meaningful and actionable.

recruitment sizing

our strategic approach helps universities and institutions to recruit international students directly and provide assistance to the existing recruitment channels ensuring quantitative and qualitative results.

study abroad

study abroad can be one of the best ways you can acquire global skills and open up personal and professional opportunities.

with us, you enjoy a hassle-free process that saves you valuable time and energy. hence, we are taking away all frantic work to make it worth for you

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provide information

you get most updated and accurate information on studying abroad whether it relates to study destinations or about courses and universities or institutions or prospect relating the same

admission process

you get details on admission intakes, how to apply for admission, what documents are needed to support admission seeking application and how to develop and manage these documents?

visa to study information

before you apply for your visa to study, we may guide you on the questions like – where and how to apply? what documents to include supporting your application? and more

accommodation arrangement

we may assist you, with regard to the arrangement of accommodation either on the campus or off-campus but the choice goes to your end ultimately - what you decide to choose?

IT consulting and solutions

we are one of the finest IT consultancies that provide bespoke services and solutions to our clients in achieving their business objectives now and in the future. our depth of expertise across a wide range of services and solution areas make us the perfect partner for IT consultancy.
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support and management

our services and solutions provide remote monitoring for core systems and software, checking on the health of your infrastructure allowing, us to detect and prevent significant it issues from occurring. we also provide dedicated general maintenance time to our clients, keeping their it systems in the best shape.

software and applications development

as a software and application developing company, we can offer a wealth of experience in designing and developing ‘on-demand’ software and applications and online products, moreover, combining online and offline technologies to deliver the best to our clients.

relocation services

we may assist your IT relocation requirements, our technical experts will ensure every aspect is thoroughly planned, and that all of your equipment is handled safely and delivered on schedule. we’re specialists in providing a comprehensive IT relocation service that is cost-effective and tailored to our customers' needs.

0 completed projects

the company had accomplished four consultancy projects that included application development

0 under development

presently, we are working on two new projects, one of these will assist students with their academic goal

0 happy customers

we have worked in different assignments and had given best to make our clients comfortable
staffing & recruitment

we provide a tailored staffing and recruitment solutions to businesses and are particularly specialised in making hiring for business development (marketing), sales and the initial management team members, either for setting up for the first time or on an expansion model

training & development

if you’re looking to advance the competence or confidence of the people of your organisation, stalwart bridge can help you to improve the skills and effectiveness of individuals and teams at every level – from leadership to front liners. we aim at providing a holistic approach to up-skilling the entire workforce

advisory & relations

ensuring consistency of employment practice across the business and professional services community, we provide a proactive, responsive and compliant advisory service; supporting with full case management and consultations on employment-related matters

human resource solutions

business needs people to work in regardless of its size and nature and hence, engaging quality employees at the right time for a better result is important. we offer solutions you could possibly need when it comes to the human resource as an employer
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about us

stalwart bridge is a team of strategists, marketers and thought leaders who are working as one team devotedly towards destiny changing work using the poetry of marketing and wisdom of business strategy.
we provide full consultancy services to those who are looking forward to their development with international exposure. doing it logically and practically making it better

mohit pandey

chief executive officer

my efforts are to bring the best value to our stakeholders, and for this end, we work hard whenever you allow us to do so

nikhil sharma

director university partnerships

with all my vast professional experience, i had learned to take control of what we do and delivering it professionally


we are an independent consultancy, and we apply bigger thinking to everything we do. we are pleased to share it or more with you

digitalisation of marketing in education

the education sector has become more competitive and sophisticated than ever before

effective international student recruitment

the most considerable component of education marketing is student

retaining people an important commitment

the recent economic developments have challenged employee retention in

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